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Killing the competition with consumer kindness

McDonald’s “Breakfast Defense” Direct Mail Program

When it’s done right, marketing offers creative, affordable solutions to business problems. McDonald’s problem in defending against the impending launch of Wendy’s breakfast menu was not knowing when and where Wendy’s would strike next.

I led our creative team in concepting and executing the solution: a 4-part direct mail “campaign in a can,” ready to mail on a dime in any region Wendy’s entered. Chock full of rich coupon offers that just got better and better, we wanted to grab consumer attention and hold it all month long.

To boost response rates, we designed the books to be totally modular, so that each subsequent mailing could be custom-printed to include each recipient’s favorite coupons. And we made sure the books also delivered a brand-building experience, with every spread functioning as a brand ad for McDonald’s breakfast.

The program was implemented in Sacramento and Indianapolis to great success, and ultimately contributed to Wendy’s decision to halt the national rollout and scrap their breakfast menu altogether.